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Airsoft N More carries various types of airsoft guns for you to choose from. The most popular is the AEG airsoft gun which stands for automatic electric gun and uses a rechargeable battery pack to power the motor which then pulls back the piston and releases the spring creating air compression and pushing out the bb. The second type is GBB, which stands for gas blow back airsoft gun which uses green gas or cO2 to power the gun and shoot out the bb. The third type is spring powered / bolt action, which uses a lever to pull back the spring manually each time and then uses the trigger to release the spring and creates air compression to shoot out the bb. Spring powered and bolt action airsoft guns are the most reliable from all three types because they use less moving parts, however once they break you can not repair them like you can AEG's and GBB's. We sell parts for AEG and GBB airsoft guns and also offer repair services and upgrade services upon request.